Power Automate as a Platform with Sunay Vaishnav

Power Automate as a Platform with Sunay Vaishnav

Power Automate
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A Brief Introduction about Sunay Vaishnav’s life – the current city where he lives and his home city’s famous for 
  • How Sunay spends his time outside of work  
  • Share Sunay’s story about the changes and how COVID19 affected his life  
  • Talks about MBAS event – the first major virtual event for Microsoft 
  • The positive impact of working from home 
  • Sunay’s career journey and what he is currently working on at Microsoft 
  • How Sunay got started and what lead him to his current position within the community 
  • What is Power Automate and Sunay’s vision for it 
  • The level of engagement Sunay sees for Power Automate  
  • Discusses the short term and long-term roadmap of Power Automate 
  • Who is their target customer for Power Automate? 
  • Explains their plans and his thoughts when it comes to Flow Designer or Maker Experience, as well as the validation Test Flows on Power Automate 
  • Power Automate features:
                API Flows / UI Flows
                Adaptative Cards
                Approval Attachment

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Sunay Vaishnav

A coffee aficionado, Monsteristi, Loves working with cloud, automation and AI – Sunay Vaishnav, the Product Manager on the Power Automate team in Microsoft’s Business Application Platform group. Sunay has a lot of experience with a number of Azure services and Power Platform offerings. More recently, he has acquired expertise in helping customers digitize their business processes. Outside work, he is fond of riding motorbikes in the summer and exploring new coffee spots in Seattle.