Paul Soliman on The MVP Show

Paul Soliman on The MVP Show

Paul Soliman
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Meet Paul Soliman, a first time MVP and the first Microsoft Business Applications MVP in the Philippines 
  • A conversation about Paul’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Paul’s involvement with the community group in the Philippines 
  • Talks about the number of consultants and people working in Dynamics365 and Power Platform 
  • The type of industries and organizations in the Philippines using the Power Platform 
  • Discusses the impact of the COVID19 pandemic in their business with the implementation of Power Platform  
  • Shares the challenges Paul encountered during this pandemic 
  • What he does when not working and how he spends his time especially during this COVID19 pandemic 
  • Paul’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP - early experiences, the differences and the impact in his career 
  • Paul shares his views about the MVP Program 
  • Describes how they maintain the community during COVID19 in the Philippines active 

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Paul Soliman

Paul Soliman is one of the newest Microsoft MVPs and the first for MVP Business Applications in the Philippines. He runs two businesses: the CEO, chief Visionary and founder of Hacktiv Colab and the CTO of Raven Global.

Also, Paul is the founder of BizApps AH Community and co-founder of ASEAN MS BizApps UG Community. In addition, he serves as business and technology consultants for schools and the IT companies in APAC.