Paul Culmsee on The MVP Show

Paul Culmsee on The MVP Show

Paul Culmsee
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Paul Culmsee’s life  
  • A conversation about Paul’s career journey 
  • Talks about the company he is working for 
  • Paul as a Management Consultant 
  • Talks about Paul’s discovery of SharePoint 
  • A discussion about Paul as a writer and author of books 
  • Find out more about the benefits or advantage of writing a book 
  • Feedback Paul has received from people reading his books 
  • Discusses Paul’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Paul’s idea about the practical things and effective way of working in this community 
  • Recommendation to people who are considering becoming a part of Microsoft MVP 

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Paul Culmsee

Paul Culmsee is an IT veteran of 30 years, Management Consultant, Microsoft Business Solutions MVP, Sensemaker, award-winning author and the director of Seven Sigma Business Solutions. Based in Perth, Western Australia. Specialized in sensemaking, design thinking, strategic planning, complex decision making and digital transformation.

He has very strong skills in the Microsoft Power Platform and Office365 more broadly. Paul runs Power Apps/Power Automate hackathons in Australia and New Zealand and Microsoft's “app in a day” & “admin in a day” events. He also has developed many Power Platform Apps in the safety, asset management, resources and civil infrastructure space.