Olena Grischenko on The MVP Show

Olena Grischenko on The MVP Show

Olena Grischenko
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Olena Grischenko was born in Ukraine, lived in Russia and moved to Sidney, Australia ten years ago 
  • Became a Microsoft MVP in September 2019 
  • How did Olena get into the MVP Program? 
  • Who nominated Olena to become a Microsoft MVP? 
  • What was Olena working on before she was nominated to become an MVP? 
  • Talks about the benefits and positive things that are coming up on the changes in the community 
  • Olena’s skills when it comes to Business Applications 
  • What gaps Olena sees in PowerApps Portals that needs to be addressed  
  • Shares Olena ideas about PCF 
  • Who supported Olena the most and what lead her to become independent? 
  • Talks about the company called PowerLabs 
  • What made Olena take her career using Microsoft Technologies? 
  • A discussion on what made Olena focus and grow to use Microsoft?  
  • Olena’s advice to those who want to engage and share more of their ideas in the community 
  • How should they get involved? 

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Olena GrischenkoProfile Photo

Olena Grischenko

As a solution architect and developer, Olena Grischenko loves solving problems. Her passion for technology helps her to find the best solutions to help people and improve their lives. She has been working with Microsoft technologies for the past 20 years. Also, she entered the Dynamics 365 world 15 years ago to watch it transformed into the diverse and magnificent world of Business Applications and Power Platform.

Being grateful for the support and mentoring from her teachers and peers for many years, she is happy to give back to the community. Today, she spends her free from work blogging, organizing events and groups, speaking and training people to understand technologies better. Recently, she has changed her career to working as an independent consultant and looking forward to running her own company in 2020.

In addition to that, Olena is always open to new projects and opportunities.