Oleksandr Olashyn on The MVP Show

Oleksandr Olashyn on The MVP Show

Oleksandr Olashyn
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Oleksandr Olashyn’s country of origin and what made him move to Poland. 
  • How Oleksandr got involved in Microsoft Business Applications and how it started? 
  • Recommendations to people who are considering working in Dynamics 365 developer 
  • The changes in Dynamics and the things that Oleksandr did before and now that are different? 
  • The resources Oleksandr is using – PCF or Web resources? 
  • What Oleksandr thought about what PCF needs to improve from the Microsoft side? 
  • Oleksandr journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • How Oleksandr started sharing his knowledge with people in the community 
  • The impact of MVP on Oleksandr career 
  • What’s Oleksandr advice to people considering becoming a Microsoft MVP 

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Oleksandr Olashyn

Oleksandr Olashyn is a Power Platform and Dynamics 365 developer from Ukraine (currently living in Poland). He is a Microsoft Biz Apps MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer. The main focus areas are Power Apps Portals, PCF and D365 development in general. He really likes coding, dancing and sharing knowledge, which is why his personal blog is called dancingwithcrm.