Nicolas Fernandez on The MVP Show

Nicolas Fernandez on The MVP Show

Nicolas Fernandez
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Nicolas Fernandez’s life – family and how he spends his time when not working 
  • A conversation about the things you can do in Madrid, Spain 
  • Nicolas’ main area of specialization in Microsoft Business Applications 
  • Talks about Nicolas’ role in what he does 
  • Nicolas’ journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP – how it started and who nominated him 
  • What makes him interested in joining the MVP Program 
  • A conversation about the impact of the Dynamics365 Saturday event on Nicolas’ MVP journey 
  • Discussions about how popular Microsoft Business Applications is in Argentina. 
  • How big is the MVP community in Argentina? 
  • The number of companies seeking a solution using Microsoft Business Applications 
  • Nicolas’ thoughts and plans for Dynamics365 Saturday event after COVID19 
  • A discussion about Nicolas’ biggest learning since becoming an MVP 

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Nicolas Fernandez

Nicolas Fernandez is a Dynamics 365 certified professional, Speaker, Instructor, Blogger and Vlogger. Has more than 10 years of experience as a functional CRM analyst, of which the last 6 years has been working exclusively with Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and the ISVs around it. Also, Nicolas is certified in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sure Step methodology, ClickDimensions and XperiDo.

Since the 2011 version of CRM, Nicolas has worked with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, with Microsoft Social Engagement since its inception as Microsoft Social Listening. Also, he implemented Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Parature. In the last years, Nicolas specialized in Power Apps and Power Automate (MS Flow) as well.

Nicolas' role in recent years has been evolving from functional consultant to solutions architect, and nowadays he uses the skills he developed both as a consultant and as an architect, as Presales Director at Infoavan.