Nick Doelman on the MVP Show

Nick Doelman on the MVP Show

Nick Doelman
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Farm Life in Ontario – dairy farm and the family business to technology
  • The Consultant Path
  • CRM 1 and the beginnings of Nick’s Microsoft journey
  • Potential in Portals
  • Applying experience to a Teaching career
  • Responsibilities of an MVP
  • Promoting yourself as an MVP
  • The MVP Community and benefits of engagement with Microsoft
  • Keeping things in the family

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Nick Doelman

Nick Doelman has been working with Dynamics CRM since version 1.0 beta and has been engaged in over 100 enterprise Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 software implementations from many diverse industry sectors; high technology, government, distribution, wealth management, reinsurance, telecommunications, professional services, non-profit and associations.

From 2006 to 2013, Nick ran his own CRM consulting company, Ready Business Management Systems Ltd, before joining BDO IT Solutions.

When not working on Dynamics 365 or Portal projects, Nick spends time with his wife and daughter. Nick is also a nationally qualified competitive Powerlifter in the Masters 1 – 105kg class and has recently won Bronze in the Ontario Provincial Powerlifting Championships in 2017 and competed at the 2018 Canadian National Powerlifting Championships.