Neil Parkhurst on the MVP Show

Neil Parkhurst on the MVP Show

Neil Parkhurst
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Being considered the USD guru
  • Neil’s “origin story” – English names and all
  • Leaving Power Objects and moving to freelancing and being an independent contractor
  • Rebalancing life and career goals and preparing for retirement
  • Being a Dynamics Community mentor and mentoring other Dynamics professionals
  • Discussing exam preparations
  • Common use cases for USD
  • Being the first USD MVP and Receiving the All-Star Award in 2018
  • Future speaking engagements
  • The value gained from becoming a Microsoft MVP
  • Discussion about beer

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Neil Parkhurst

Neil Parkhurst is a Microsoft MVP who specialises in Dynamics 365. He is a consultant, trainer, business analyst, project manager and boasts 30+ years of IT experience. Neil has a particular interest in the Unified Service Desk (USD) and will be happy to hear from anyone with requirements for training or consultancy connected with USD. He is available to support Dynamics 365 projects and able to provide bespoke training, consultancy and general support on almost any Dynamics 365 project.

Neil’s technical specialties include:
• Microsoft Dynamics 365
• Unified Service Desk (USD)
• Field Service
• Project Service Automation (PSA)