Natraj Yegnaraman on the MVP Show

Natraj Yegnaraman on the MVP Show

Natraj Yegnaraman
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Life in Australia
  • Plane Spotting tips
  • The immigration path and career moves
  • The path to becoming an MVP and knowledge sharing
  • Being nominated and failing
  • Accessing Freebies (stuff and people)
  • Ninja Skills
  • What's in the toolbox
  • MVP Activities

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Natraj Yegnaraman

Natraj is a Solution Architect specialising in delivering solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365. He has over 10+ years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/CRM.
Natraj has a strong understanding of the core capabilities of the Dynamics 365 platform and products that complement the platform, like Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow. Whenever he develops solutions, he pays special attention to user experience and data validity, as they are the key drivers behind user adoption.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem is rapidly evolving, with products like PowerApps, CafeX, Dynamics Portals, Voice of Customer, Unified Service Desk addressing the gaps in capabilities. Natraj strongly believes that learning is a perpetual process. His passion for learning and skills development has helped him a lot to stay on top of the changes and deliver better solutions to his clients.