Microsoft Flow with Jon Levesque

Microsoft Flow with Jon Levesque

Jon Levesque


  • A Brief Introduction about Jon’s life – Canadian by blood, lives in Washington, where his interesting family name came from, family background and educational background. 
  • What he does when he’s not working 
  • Jon’s biggest life goals 
  • How he started working with Microsoft and his main area of responsibility 
  • His thoughts on the recent changes to the Microsoft Business Applications MVP Program in respect to Flow 
  • How Microsoft flow started and its relationship to Dynamics 
  • Describes what Microsoft Flow is and its importance in relation to workflow 
  • Resources and training available for the community 
  • Discusses the most significant changes that have happened within Microsoft Business Applications in the last two years 
  • Jon’s recommendation to people who want to get involved with Microsoft Flow 
  • Shares his view on the origin of the story of Flow 2.5years ago 
  • Discusses the beauty of Flow 
  • How he manages his Blog, YouTube channel and his Flow Videos 
  • On what social media he uses regularly 
  • Discusses the tools he uses on Twitter 
  • Importance of YouTube in the community 
  • Talks about what he does on LinkedIn 

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Jon LevesqueProfile Photo

Jon Levesque

Jon Levesque is an entrepreneur and strategist with expertise in brand engagement, community building and creating winning evangelism strategies. He is a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Flow product team focusing on helping Flow evangelize the product and how to use it, helping customers understand the platform and its benefits.

He manages the pillars of community, evangelism and engagement for the Microsoft Flow product. In addition to that, Jon is growing his everyday awareness, and more importantly, the usage of the product, through Blogging, Video Production, Storytelling and Community Building.

Jon’s Skills:

Customer Experience
Program Management
Product marketing
Content strategy
Content Creation
Social Media Strategy
Campaign Manager

Jon’s Industry Expertise:

Cloud computing (SaaS)
Mobile apps
Enterprise software
Consumer Hardware
UAV / drones