Microsoft Catalyst with Daniel Hunter, Jeff Hall and Rob Nehrbas

Microsoft Catalyst with Daniel Hunter, Jeff Hall and Rob Nehrbas

Daniel Hunter, Jeff Hall and Rob Nehrbas


  • A brief introduction about Daniel, Jeff and Rob’s personal & family background. Where they live & how they spend their time when not working.   
  • Discussions about their journey to Microsoft  
  • Introduction to the Catalyst program  
  • Discusses the history of Microsoft Catalyst and Methodology  
  • Importance of Modern Business Engagement  
  • Relationship between Design Thinking, Business Decision Maker and Microsoft Catalyst – taking requirements from the customer.   
  • The impact of Catalyst on business  
  • Discusses the four pillars of Microsoft Catalyst – Inspire, Design, empower and Achieve  
  • Understanding its importance with Partners in modern business engagement   
  • Talks about the resources used in the methodology  
  • The type of search things they need to better understand the building blocks around customer journey mapping, empathy mapping, and wireframe   
  • Is Catalyst part of the business?  
  • Understanding the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation   
  • The importance of embracing these technologies for functional consultants and the impact on their business  
  • What are the specific sets of steps the Catalyst programs provide?  


Bill and Melinda Gates foundation   

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Daniel HunterProfile Photo

Daniel Hunter

Daniel Hunter has been with Microsoft for over 18 years focused on business solutions for some of Microsoft’s largest and most complex enterprise customers. He performed in a variety of capacities including product design, customer implementation, channel development, and strategic sales roles. Currently, as part of the Microsoft Catalyst team, Daniel helps strategic customers navigate transformative change by employing the breadth of the Microsoft Cloud with a lens on Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

Jeff HallProfile Photo

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall has been fortunate to have spent the last 20+ years of his professional life working with some very interesting corporate customers across many industries. His daily pursuit is collaborating with companies in their evaluation and adoption of software solutions to streamline their processes, create operational efficiency and drive increases in revenue attainment.

Rob NehrbasProfile Photo

Rob Nehrbas

Rob Nebrbas is the Chief Customer Officer for Dynamics 365. He looks after a broad set of customer engagement programs. His primary focus is ensuring a continuous feedback loop between the customers, field and R&D to ensure their innovation and roadmap continue delivering a great deal of value to the communities. His passion is helping organizations achieve their customer engagement digital transformation strategy by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud.