Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019: What to Look Forward To with Steve Mordue

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019: What to Look Forward To with Steve Mordue

Steve Mordue



The Microsoft Business Applications Summit will be happening in a few days. In this special podcast episode, I am joined by none other than Steve Mordue to talk about what to look forward to and share our thoughts on some of the key things around the Summit.

We're all excited, so here are some of the things we discussed about this upcoming two-day event:

  • Looking back to the first Business Applications Summit in 2018 
  • What’s exciting about Business Applications Summit compared to other Microsoft events 
  • Thoughts on the Summit – It's not long enough! 
  • Observation on the significantly higher number of sessions for Flow, PowerApps and Power BI than there are for Dynamics 365 in the coming Summit 
  • Internal competition between releasing a platform vs first-party apps? 
  • Guest speakers – Alexis Ohanian, James Phillips, Alysa Taylor 
  • Business Applications Summit 2019 LIVE STREAM  – Subscribe and hit the bell to get notified when we go live! 
  • Our goal for this podcast and the live streams 
  • Summit agenda and partnering with Microsoft for the live streams 
  • Comments on the expo floor and exhibit hall during the event 
  • Sessions and speakers listed in the community section – who are coming and who are MIA 
  • Topics we are eager to hear about during the Summit, especially AI 
  • The pre-day event, Hack4Good by TDG and Microsoft Community – Register here!! 
  • Networking events and having fun before and during the Summit 



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Steve Mordue

Steve Mordue is a former consultant who, after 10 years, saw the light in 2011 and moved to Dynamics CRM Online(now Dynamics 365).

The CEO of Forceworks, a former Microsoft Partner of the Year, member of the WW Dynamics PAC and the ISV PAC.

He is a developer of RapidStart CRM, a simple CRM alternative to the First-Party Enterprise Apps, built on Dynamics 365. He also writes a bunch of stuff on his blog at