Melissa Hubbard on the MVP Show

Melissa Hubbard on the MVP Show

Melissa Hubbard
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


• Journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP
• Being an old school Millenial and living in different places
• Creating a balance between people and technology
• Competing in Muay Thai at the same time starting her career in IT
• From studying criminology in college to getting into IT
• Tips to those who want to pursue IT
• Being a globe trotter
• Story behind and experience writing Mastering Microsoft Teams
• Essence of becoming an MVP and working with Dynamics product team
• Producing videos on Microsoft Flow

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Melissa Hubbard

Melissa Hubbard is a Business Applications Microsoft MVP and an Office 365 consultant specializing in simplifying and automating business processes. She is the author of Mastering Microsoft Teams, a guide to using, governing and driving user adoption of Microsoft Teams. She is experienced in managing projects throughout the entire lifecycle and developing and implementing SharePoint and Office 365 solutions. User adoption, governance, and training are topics she is especially passionate about.