Megan Walker on The MVP Show

Megan Walker on The MVP Show

Megan Walker
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Megan talks about her personal life – living in the USA and what made her decide to come back to Chesterfield, England. 
  • Discusses her career background 
  • Her journey to becoming an MVP  
  • Megan shares her thoughts on the reasons for becoming an MVP 
  • Discusses her discovery in writing a blogpost using emoji in CRM or Dynamics 365 and how it changed the way she visualizes the data and Dynamics 
  • Discusses effective strategies to create balanced work, community activities and personal life  
  • Megan’s journey into Dynamics 
  • Things that helped her most with learning Flow 
  • Introduction to better understand Microsoft Forms Pro 
  • Talks about Capture and Attachment upload features of Microsoft Forms Pro 
  • Biggest three turning points of her life 

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Megan Walker

Megan Walker is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and a Power Platform consultant with experience in web design, social media and marketing. She's a passionate blogger, writing about tips, tricks and ideas for non-developer geeks.