Megan Walker on The MVP Show

Megan Walker on The MVP Show

Megan Walker
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Megan talks about her personal life – living in the USA and what made her decide to come back to Chesterfield, England. 
  • Discusses her career background 
  • Her journey to becoming an MVP  
  • Megan shares her thoughts on the reasons for becoming an MVP 
  • Discusses her discovery in writing a blogpost using emoji in CRM or Dynamics 365 and how it changed the way she visualizes the data and Dynamics 
  • Discusses effective strategies to create balanced work, community activities and personal life  
  • Megan’s journey into Dynamics 
  • Things that helped her most with learning Flow 
  • Introduction to better understand Microsoft Forms Pro 
  • Talks about Capture and Attachment upload features of Microsoft Forms Pro 
  • Biggest three turning points of her life 

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Megan Walker

Megan Walker is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Forms Pro Evangelist and a D365CE Consultant & Capability Manager at PowerObjects. She is also more known as EmojiMegs and a big advocate for marketing, portals and forms.

Megan loved all things about techie and geeky, including digital marketing, social media and especially the Power Platform. You will find stuff on the subjects mentioned on her website, but other random things might be thrown in too. To Megan, learning new things is great but helping others and sharing new things is even better.

In addition to that, Megan is passionate about learning & education, and she also loves helping others in the process. Hopefully, her way of explaining things can help people no matter their level of understanding.