Mary Angiela Cerbolles on The MVP Show

Mary Angiela Cerbolles on The MVP Show

Mary Angiela Cerbolles
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Mary Angiela Cerbolles chats about her experience about moving to Singapore from Manila, Philippines 
  • A conversation with Mary Angiela about how her technology journey started 
  • Talks about Mary Angeila’s SharePoint and Power Platform journey  
  • The impact of COVID 19 on Mary Angiela 
  • How Mary Angeila’s journey into becoming an MVP started 
  • The impact of becoming part of the MVP program on Mary Angeila’s career and to her personal life 
  • How to get involved in the MVP community 
  • Mary Angeila’s plans - speaking events and community engagement 

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Mary Angiela CerbollesProfile Photo

Mary Angiela Cerbolles

Mary Angiela Cerbolles is a Productivity Analyst spearheading the adoption and evolution of SharePoint and the Microsoft Office 365 suite within the APAC business. Anj is curious about how things work, especially when it comes to technology, and loves to give back to the community.

During her free time, she loves to read books, watch Anime, and explore the beaches, mountains, or the city.