Mark Christie on The MVP Show

Mark Christie on The MVP Show

Mark Christie
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Meet Mark Christie, a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP 
  • Mark Christie was the first to run a conference event in Scotland  
  • Mark shares his thoughts about the last Summit Event that happened in Scotland 
  • The steps or process Mark prepared to run the first conference in Scotland 
  • A discussion about Mark’s view on the virtual conferences happening in the community 
  • A conversation about Mark’s observation about the COVID19 crisis 
  • With the pandemic, what are Mark’s predictions about the things that might happen in the Industry 
  • Discusses Mark’s speaking events experience 
  • Talks about the three projects Mark is working on  
  • The benefits of using TEAMS 
  • Talks about the present Market in Scotland when it comes to the adoption of Power Platform over Dynamics 365 

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Mark Christie

Mark Christie is a Blogger, YouTuber & Podcast host who has over 11 years of experience in delivering Dynamics CE Projects. He is a Business Solutions MVP and is currently working at Incremental Group as a Principal Consultant. From 1996 to 2001, not long after graduating, Mark gained a technical support position with the company e-computers, which gave him his first opportunity to showcase his talent and skill in the IT field.