Mark Carrington on The MVP Show

Mark Carrington on The MVP Show

Mark Carrington
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Mark Carrington’s life 
  • Mark’s view regarding the post COVID world and the concept of the way he works. 
  • The Pros and Cons of Working from Home 
  • Discussion about Mark’s thoughts about employees returning to work 
  • A conversation with Mark about his journey and passion for technology. 
  • Talks about Mark's educational and career background. 
  • A story about how Mark landed his first job. 
  • Find out more about the interesting projects and reporting Mark worked on 
  • Check out Marks journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Mark’s first contribution tool for the community 
  • Check out Mark’s ways to develop his skills. 
  • Discover more about the XrmToolBox and SQL 4 with Mark. 

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Mark Carrington

Mark Carrington is a full-stack developer but with a particular interest in database and business logic development. In his work at Data8, he has developed a catalogue of data quality solutions focused on validating and correcting data and performing fuzzy matching at scale. He integrated these tools into the Dynamics 365 platform with tools that are now available on AppSource. Mark’s work with Dynamics 365 has led him to become heavily involved with the D365 and Power Platform community and had developed a number of tools for XrmToolBox, the most popular being SQL 4 CDS. This allows users to query and modify their D365/Dataverse data using standard SQL syntax and powers millions of queries each year.