María del Mar Llambí Morillas on The MVP Show

María del Mar Llambí Morillas on The MVP Show

María del Mar Llambí Morillas
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A short introduction about María del Mar Llambí Morillas – family, life in Madrid, and hobbies 
  • Talks about Mar’s university days and how she got into technology 
  • Find out more about Mar’s pathway to Microsoft Business Applications Power Platform 
  • Mar’s SharePoint developer, CRM consultant and technical architect background 
  • The type of Industries Mar builds projects for and her engineering experience 
  • Discussions about Mar’s community engagement and what she does for the community 
  • Mar’s thoughts about writing blogs in English and Spanish 
  • Mar’s advice to people starting a job in Power Platform 


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[Mark]: today's guest is from madrid spain not origin but let's unpack that uh mar lamb i will i'll get it correct it for me is is on the show with me today she works as a technical architect for kpmg she's in her second year as a mvp she loves technology digital transformation has a great passion for things such as public speaking ah politics and dancing awesome is a lover of artery rhetoric and participant in debates competition during her university day so i can imagine she would be quite fierce in an argument you can find her on twitter i'll let her tell you what a twitter handlers and her blog website mai welcome to the show

[mar llambi]: hi Mark. I

[Mark]: i

[mar llambi]: must say, I know how difficult it is to pronounci my name. So um, it's like a typical catal and surname, But yeah, nice to be here. How are you?

[Mark]: um like good good so tell us what your name is properly

[mar llambi]: Yes, So my full name, my fullest Spanish name. I know that

[Mark]: uh huh

[mar llambi]: you already had some Spanish collagues in the show, So my full name

[Mark]: hm

[mar llambi]: is Maria Vlmar Lamb, Maus, So I have

[Mark]: wow

[mar llambi]: middle name and two surnames.

[Mark]: that is so called it's so musical so music i i i i love it

[mar llambi]: Yeah, I mean, I spend a lot of time with my name every time I have to say it, but it's really nice.

[Mark]: yes absolutely so it's so good to have you on the show and obviously if you're in madrid you didn't originate from adria if you have a cattle and name so tell us a bit about food family and fun that

[mar llambi]: Mhm.

[Mark]: kind of like everything you do that's not related to work

[mar llambi]: Yes, so I come from a a small city near Barcelona. I must say, it could be Barcelona. Really nice, Cotly city. So I spendent all my summers near the

[Mark]: i um the person that nine

[mar llambi]: beach. So it was really nice.

[mar]: I come

[Mark]: well i got of uh a really helpful understanding of my st at

[mar llambi]: from a really catal and family, so my surname is Katalan and I must

[Mark]: and

[mar llambi]: say that the Spanish was not

[Mark]: connect with

[mar llambi]: my my mother tongue, So I means that I had to learn it at school

[Mark]: wow

[mar llambi]: and I start studying at

[Mark]: yeah

[mar llambi]: City in Barcelona. So Um, there is where I got my software engineering degree. Then I got a master degree and I became

[Mark]: well

[mar llambi]: crazy, So I went. crazy, So I went. I. I moved to Germany for for work, so I've been there three years, and then when I realized I wanted to come

[mar]: back is when I decided to go to Madrid

[mar llambi]: and I love

[Mark]: i don

[mar llambi]: eating. I love Spanish food. I must say, I'm a really big fan of wine of tapas and going out

[Mark]: and that my

[mar llambi]: with my friends, And you're right. I

[Mark]: is right

[mar llambi]: also love dancing, so I could spend all day long thensing, but I have to work.

[Mark]: yeah how do you find the heat of madrid it's sot there you know as and i've been this when it's been incredibly hot how do you live with that heat

[mar llambi]: Yeah, that's

[Mark]: yeah that's

[mar llambi]: that's true. In winter, the the

[Mark]: so

[mar llambi]: weather iss a really cold weather. so you

[Mark]: mm hm

[mar llambi]: have really low temperatures and I was really used to barcealloona to have a middle weather where. Um. Yeah, in winter is not so cold

[Mark]: i was re because

[mar llambi]: in summer it's not so hot, but in mydrate. Oh, they

[Mark]: i f four

[mar llambi]: really live in extremes. Um. in summer it's so hot. People don't go outside. It's really hot.

[Mark]: and

[mar llambi]: You can reach the forty five forty eight degrees every day. Um,

[Mark]: hello

[mar llambi]: it's It's amazing, but I mean you just stay at home, Um, with your conditioned air and

[mar]: you

[Mark]: hmm

[mar llambi]: and your fan, and you just look for

[Mark]: for the

[mar llambi]: the the autumn days and and the winter. but y'sa

[Mark]: nine

[mar llambi]: are really hot and warm weather. And before living in Madrid, Um, I didn't know it. it

[mar]: was so hard.

[Mark]: yeah yeah so true so true so tell me about you know you've talked about university and getting into technology how did you find your pathway that led into business applications power platform dynamics set type

[mar llambi]: Wow, yeah, um, there is not an easy story behind.

[Mark]: story in

[mar llambi]: I mean the St's. quite long. Everything start when I was

[Mark]: i recall the story is quite long just start when i was eleven years old

[mar llambi]: eleven years old and I start Um doing some web pages with H, D, M, ▁l C, S. S. You know, in my family they are really tech passionate, so I was always in touch with the technology and I started being a full stock developer. Um, I never.

[Mark]: and start being a food stack develop um i never

[mar llambi]: I. I never realized I could be a consultant. Such a

[Mark]: i i never realized that was to

[mar llambi]: such a this kind of of job. I start as the full

[Mark]: start so

[mar llambi]: stock developer, and then I start

[mar]: working by a company as a C. Sharp developer. They, they've been doing

[Mark]: i my watch as the st shark between

[mar llambi]: extensions for Project Sevena and for

[Mark]: hm

[mar llambi]: Sharepot Server, It was two thousand seven, two, two thousand, thirteen versions, and I really love it. I. I loved how

[Mark]: young house mi was i love how microsoft was main focus on the face solution and how

[mar llambi]: Microsoft. I. I had no clue how Microsoft was really focused on the business solutions and how they they were bringing real bally on

[Mark]: they they were bringing real

[mar llambi]: on it. And it was it was that The story.

[Mark]: value of ho and was that the story that book we might start looking

[mar llambi]: After that it was really smoothly. I start working with power apps. Uh, when

[Mark]: now

[mar llambi]: everything Um cracked out, Um, I start working with poor Automate. And then I realized Ho Camemar,

[Mark]: um r out um i start well today and i realize what they are fixed by

[mar llambi]: You need to get into Dynamics, So that's the. That's going to be your future for sure. And then

[mar]: I remember like four years ago I start with the C. R. M by

[Mark]: and then i like i i myself i use the words and sha the p so i start to think myself

[mar llambi]: myself, because I, I was still working as a sharepot developer, so I start doing things by myself, installing Sra, M, Um, watching videos And then I got my first project as a c, r, M consultant, and I will enjoy it, And then is when I realized I want this to become my my main path. And now look at me, I'm a

[Mark]: and then i realized i was mm

[mar llambi]: technical architect, Um. I

[Mark]: yeah

[mar llambi]: work with really big projects

[Mark]: projects with it

[mar llambi]: implementing dynamics and and

[Mark]: sp

[mar llambi]: extending

[Mark]: sending the me

[mar llambi]: the data sources with Asia,

[Mark]: nature i

[mar llambi]: and I really love it. I really

[Mark]: m

[mar llambi]: love it.

[Mark]: that is so that is so cool what what type of industries do you boom projects for is it like in the financial sector or you all you know what's your experience being on from an industry perspective

[mar llambi]: So before K, P, M. G. I worked a lot, Um, with fans, some military companies, Um, Because I

[Mark]: y

[mar llambi]: was living in Germany and they, there are a lot of them in Germany, and also with retail and finance. So this was the three main companies and when I move to

[Mark]: and

[mar llambi]: Madrid, I start focusing myself in energy, So here in Spain, we have repsol. We have really big,

[Mark]: have

[mar llambi]: Uh energy companies, And that's my main

[Mark]: and

[mar llambi]: focus right now,

[Mark]: for one now so i give some financial

[mar llambi]: So I did some financial small projects, but I really love

[Mark]: the money of management

[mar llambi]: energy because they, they have a passion way. How to see the digital transformation

[mar]: because they know that they have to be, Um.

[mar llambi]: They, they have to be

[Mark]: they

[mar llambi]: leads on that kind

[Mark]: e

[mar llambi]: of of transformation in terms of Um, big databases, Um, I analytics. so I focus myself

[mar]: on on this industry.

[Mark]: wow that this is amazing this is amazing so what do you do um from a community engagement perspective right because as mvps we do stuff that makes the wider community better we help people um as much as we can we know offer our skills to their community what does that mean for you what's your special you know what's your niche niche that you have created that you are that you do for the community

[mar llambi]: Mm. Um,

[mar]: If you ask me, Um,

[Mark]: you ask me

[mar llambi]: what's your main

[Mark]: what's the mean

[mar llambi]: Um community topic? I'm going to say,

[Mark]: mm hm

[mar llambi]: I love to participate in conferences and to spread about power platform. Um, I think I focus

[Mark]: participating in conferences and um i think

[mar llambi]: myself a lot in governance. Because of my job, I have to work with

[Mark]: u

[mar llambi]: really enterprise projects, but in terms of pure

[Mark]: hm

[mar llambi]: community,

[mar]: Um, I love to,

[mar llambi]: I love to put

[Mark]: i don't

[mar llambi]: something different on it. So for example, um, we have um, a Youtube program, a monthly

[mar]: program.

[Mark]: around

[mar llambi]: It's called Power, ▁quith. We do like a online ▁quith, where where people of everywhere

[mar]: in Spain

[mar llambi]: and Spain, they connect with us and we have some prices,

[Mark]: february the same

[mar llambi]: and and people participate,

[Mark]: people

[mar llambi]: answering some questions,

[Mark]: question and

[mar llambi]: and we are doing community. We are spreading about Power platform. We are teaching about Power platform, but in a total different way, and I think that there are many ways how you can

[Mark]: how

[mar llambi]: educate so

[Mark]: the be

[mar llambi]: you can educate Uh, doing

[Mark]: of

[mar llambi]: video blogs

[Mark]: block and

[mar llambi]: and doing typical Um conferences Tech conferences. But I know that in Power Platform there are a lot of business people that they have no clue about technology,

[Mark]: yeah

[mar llambi]: So I want. I really like to do it.

[Mark]: like to drink like

[mar llambi]: Like a game like, uh, like, if something fun, it's

[Mark]: uhhuh

[mar llambi]: behind everything. behind everything. So if you

[Mark]: you what out

[mar llambi]: watch out any of my conferences,

[Mark]: pre you see them all my name almost everything i want myself is um i have

[mar llambi]: you will see that all my demos. everything I do on my block. Um, it has a different touch. I try to do it, Um. I, I try to make it funnier as it is, so I think it helps to understand how everything works.

[Mark]: yeah this is this is awesome and and do you do everything in spanish

[mar llambi]: No, normally, um, everything ratated with a blog post and video and

[Mark]: no no that everything could be hmm hmm

[mar llambi]: blocks. I try to wait in Spanish, because

[Mark]: mmm hmm

[mar llambi]: I think that we still don't have a lot of content about Power

[Mark]: correct

[mar llambi]: platform, but I do participate in a lot of conferences worldwide in

[Mark]: why

[mar llambi]: English, so I will in the Scottish summit this

[Mark]: hm

[mar llambi]: June, I will be there and I was today

[Mark]: last day

[mar llambi]: in the nation the conference about Microsoft teams, So I'd really like to get in touch with the international community as well,

[Mark]: to touch the question well like

[mar llambi]: so I think it helps also to Um to have some

[Mark]: from

[mar llambi]: some personal

[Mark]: first of all branding and a personal organization meet

[mar llambi]: branding and some personal position in the community, but my main focus will always be. The Spanish community and

[Mark]: mmm hmm

[mar llambi]: the female community. that's my second, my second,

[mar]: my second pillar. here, I really love

[Mark]: yeah

[mar llambi]: to to encourage females to to do their first conferences. I really like to support

[Mark]: and she likes to them

[mar llambi]: them,

[mar]: so to give them more visibility like this woman in tech that have been always in the

[mar llambi]: shadow, so trying to put them in the light.

[Mark]: this is good this is good now i have a it's all around this area that i just had somebody reach out to me in the community and they're aspiring to becoming an mvp at some point they are located they are located in europe i forget the country specifically budapest and i think is where they're located and so so one of the things that that came up is that they said there's nobody in in our community doing anything in their language and

[mar llambi]: Hm.

[Mark]: you know should i should only be you know running events in english should i run i only be blogging in english and that type of thing and of course i've got a lot of other spanish mvp friends that i've met over the years and stuff and what i've loved about the spanish community is very early on they did everything in spanish right they know we're not doing english we're doing the spanish and i think that there's there's a need for more coaches and languages for the the stuff that we do to be told in the native speaking languages of those cultures and those countries that are represented what's your thoughts

[mar llambi]: totally, so

[Mark]: so mad i i couldn't be um su

[mar llambi]: I' be. I mean, totally aligned with you, and of course, um, it should be always

[Mark]: always want

[mar llambi]: content in English. So that's the

[Mark]: at the the

[mar llambi]: the majors, um, spoken language. I think that also in technology, Um, everything is in

[mar]: English. so it's natural to have content in English. However,

[Mark]: how

[mar llambi]: if you want people to get closer, if you want really to help people to educate. If you want them to Um yet to make easier the learning path, It will always be better if you do it in their native language. So,

[Mark]: yeah

[mar llambi]: of course English is a really nice language,

[Mark]: nine

[mar llambi]: and of course there are many people who can speak English, but at the end how you think how you transform how you improve yourself is always in your mother tongue. So

[Mark]: yeah

[mar llambi]: I think that it's also something rich in the community if you bring content in your mother tongue, because you're doing something different, and I'm sure

[Mark]: sure

[mar llambi]: that it will be someone

[Mark]: someone

[mar llambi]: in your country that will

[Mark]: s

[mar llambi]: be really grateful that you did it in your mother tongue. And at the end

[Mark]: yeah

[mar llambi]: it's content, and as more content as we have, as many people we can

[Mark]: um

[mar llambi]: reach and as many people we can help so totally

[Mark]: yeah excellent any advice that you would give to to people just touching the power platform for the first time they've come across you know i never find many people that decided i'm going

[mar llambi]: Mhm.

[Mark]: to have a career in dynamics three hundred sixty five or a career in the power platform right something happened they bumped up against it in their job or whatever and all of a sudden it's on their radar what are kind of those initial steps that you recommend they do to start stretching their power platform muscles or putting their dancing shoes on with the power platform and and really getting involved

[mar llambi]: So

[Mark]: so

[mar llambi]: that't really good question. Because as they say, there are many and many people getting into a power platform every

[Mark]: that you

[mar llambi]: day, So my three big advices will be first of all. Um, try to look for really nice content so there are a lot of M, P, Ps, and other people

[Mark]: um why really nice one a lot of

[mar llambi]: who are doing really nice Youtube videos and content that you can use to get into

[Mark]: this the one and he should never

[mar llambi]: the platform. And if you never get in touch and you don't have a tech background,

[Mark]: background

[mar llambi]: Um, don't worry, so take your time.

[Mark]: time

[mar llambi]: Um, it will take at the end. it will take time to you

[Mark]: take again and one

[mar llambi]: to understand how everything is built at the behind, but

[Mark]: but

[mar llambi]: this process

[Mark]: this process will

[mar llambi]: its word power platform is about. You start with something tangible that you can have in two three days, and in

[Mark]: and

[mar llambi]: one year you can have a really big enterprise solution working and built completely using Power Power platform, And my third advice will be Just have fun

[Mark]: and forty five that one

[mar llambi]: doing whatever you're doing right now. Honestly, So I think that that's the key point in the Power platform. It's like a toy. You

[Mark]: one

[mar llambi]: can use it whenever you want and how you want, So try to discover it. Um, don't don't get,

[Mark]: it it

[mar llambi]: um, don't get, um, angry. Something doesn't doesn't work as it should be, and it's always like this in technology, But just put your passion, put your time and everything will come. But my first recommendation is always the same look for really nice youtu, Um block's content because there are plenty of them. there are

[Mark]: uh huh

[mar llambi]: plenty of instructors And and I think that's that's the key thing. that's the keypo here.

[Mark]: awesome okay

[mar llambi]: Yeah,

[Mark]: let's wrap up i i want you to a couple of things where can people find you on twitter whats

[mar llambi]: sure,

[Mark]: your twitter twitter handle

[mar llambi]: yes, my Twitter is a Mar as my name, so m a r undercore as my surname. so y double ▁l A and B. I

[Mark]: five

[mar llambi]: so m B and

[Mark]: and

[mar llambi]: yeah, so rich

[Mark]: yeah

[mar llambi]: me. I'm a person who really loves to to get in touch with people, So I receive amounts of emails every week. I really

[Mark]: uh huh

[mar llambi]: love to solve troubles and questions, so just reach me if you need anything.

[Mark]: ma thank you so much for coming on the show

[mar llambi]: Thank you, Mark for having me. It was the pleasure. really.

María del Mar Llambí MorillasProfile Photo

María del Mar Llambí Morillas

“I breathe, innovate, design and develop as a way of survival”.

María del Mar Llambí Morillas currently works as a Business Applications Technical Architect at KPMG and is a committed member of the technical nish community, being awarded as Bizz Apps MVP since 2020. She loves sharing her knowledge and sharing her experience with those who might need it.

Mar is part of multiple initiatives as de "Power Quizz en español" a biweekly YouTube program where they give away prizes to those who demonstrate their knowledge about Power Platform. At the same time, she is part of the Bizz Summit ES staff and is highly committed to the women in the tech community, either in her personal time or in KPMG initiatives.

She is passionate about everything she does and very active in her personal life, combining a dancing soul, with my passion for climbing and the mountain and my very special Border Collie, Harry.