Luc Van Vugt on The MVP Show

Luc Van Vugt on The MVP Show

Luc Van Vugt
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Luc Van Vugt’s life and his hobbies 
  • What Luc loves to do outside work 
  • Talks about what’s famous in the Netherlands 
  • Luc’s area of specialization within the Microsoft Business Applications 
  • A conversation about Luc’s career background 
  • Luc’s journey working at Microsoft for 6 years  
  • The lessons Luc learned working at Microsoft 
  • Explains Luc’s thoughts on NAV becoming a Business Central 
  • Luc’s view on the migration from on-premise based solutions with NAV to Business Central 
  • Describes what he likes about his job as a programmer 
  • Talks about the book Luc wrote - Automated Testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 
  • What made Luc choose to write his book - Automated Testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 
  • Luc’s goal in writing the book 

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Luc Van Vugt

Just before the turn of the century, Luc stepped into the NAV world, joining Navision Netherlands, training hundreds of developers, of which most are still around. After Microsoft acquired Navision, Luc joined the Dynamics localization team GDL as a tester and UA specialist and was acting project lead for the first new releases.

For six years, he was closely involved with all successive releases to the (West) European market until NAV 2009 SP1. Since he left Microsoft in 2009, Luc has become an active community member using his blog, co-founder of the successful Dutch Dynamics Community and speaker at various conferences. In 2104, he co-founded NAV Skills, together with Mark Brummel, supporting many NAV pros around the globe with, among others, their webinars.

For all this community work, Luc has been rewarded the Microsoft award “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) since 2011. And in 2012, he started his own company,, doing miscellaneous projects, including conducting NAV development courses and workshops on design patterns, source code management and his major love, automated testing. Luc lives in the Netherlands, happily married to his wife Saskia, and their three great kids.