Lisa Crosbie on The MVP Show

Lisa Crosbie on The MVP Show

Lisa Crosbie
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Lisa Crosbie’s podcast  
  • Lisa’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP  
  • A conversation about her passion for teaching people  
  • The key highlights that have impacted Lisa’s life since becoming an MVP – being part of the community.  
  • The impact of the COVID19 crisis 
  • Lisa’s motivation to becoming an MVP  
  • How Lisa got into the MVP Program  
  • Talks about Power Virtual Agent Education for indigenous women  
  • A discussion with Lisa about her career journey  
  • Lisa’s advice to people wanting to work in pre-sales space  
  • How Lisa manages to learn without overloading herself continually  
  • Find out Lisa’s career plan and dream  
  • Lisa shares how it feels having Microsoft Blue Badge 
  • Who inspires Lisa’s life to be better?  

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Lisa Crosbie

Lisa Crosbie is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and evangelist for all things Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. She loves learning and sharing knowledge about Power Virtual Agents, Power Apps, Power Automate, AI Builder, Dynamics 365, Sales Insights, and Microsoft Teams and showing how to bring all the different parts of the platform together to make them better together.

More than anything, Lisa love doing live demos – answering questions, exploring the art of the possible, and bridging the gap between technology and business users – creating those lightbulb moments when people truly see how the technology can work for them. She is a technology evangelist, excessively energetic trainer and speaker, hacker, YouTuber, baker, seamstress, bookworm, gin/cheese/wine enthusiast and mother.