Linn Zaw Win on The MVP Show

Linn Zaw Win on The MVP Show

Linn Zaw Win
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Linn Zaw Win’s family and life background - originally from Myanmar and presently residing in Wellington, New Zealand 
  • How it’s like moving to New Zealand?  
  • Learn more about Linn’s Dynamics 365 background – how things started 
  • Linn’s educational and career background 
  • Discover the two categories of Microsoft Business Applications 
  • Linn’s involvement with Power Automate and Canvas Apps 
  • How Linn shares his knowledge about Power Automate and Canvas Apps to the community? 
  • Is Linn still using the old workflow tools? 
  • What Linn thinks about the new technologies coming? 
  • Personal Apps Linn is using 
  • Linn’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • What were the process and the best thing about becoming an MVP? 

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Linn Zaw Win

Linn Zaw Win is Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Technical Architect at Delta Insights. While originally from Myanmar, he currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife and two corgis, Kirby and Stella.

Linn likes to share his knowledge and experiences through his blog and speaking at conferences/user group meetings. When he is not doing anything related to Power Platform, he likes to watch anime and play games in his leisure time. His favourite sport is football, and he enjoys travelling to new places to experience different cultures and food.