Kylie Kiser on The MVP Show

Kylie Kiser on The MVP Show

Kylie Kiser
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Kylie’s life – she grew up in Canada, presently residing in Washington, DC.  
  • The story of Pink Monkey  
  • How she started with Microsoft Business Applications and her area of responsibilities   
  • Kylie’s journey towards becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Kylie’s industry role and to the various companies she works for   
  • The different industries she works with  
  • Discussions about the CRM User Group  
  • Advice for people who are wanting to start a new user group community   
  • How to effectively promote a user group chapter as a whole and the individual event as well  
  • Kylie's speaking experiences in different conferences on topics like Change Management and User Adoption  
  • Discussions about the process of how she comes up with an idea and the techniques she uses to prepare for speaking at a conference or event   

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Kylie Kiser

Kylie Kiser has been working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 since 2010. In this time, she has assisted with an upgrade for a system with 1,500+ users and worked on and refined complex customizations. As part of the CRM User Group, Kylie was named a CRMUG All-Star in 2015.

In addition, she serves as a Chapter Leader for Washington, DC, for which she was named CRMUG Chapter Leader of the year in 2016. Kylie’s blog is a great resource for learning more about being a Dynamics 365 Administrator and thinking of creative solutions for problems.

Also, she has presented multiple times at User Group Summit North America and has also presented at chapter meetings, local user conferences, and virtual events. In 2019, Kylie was honoured to receive the Microsoft MVP designation as well.