Kyle Hill on the MVP Show

Kyle Hill on the MVP Show

Kyle Hill
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Moving from South Africa to the UK and balancing work, family and other pursuits 
  • Sports interests – hockey, triathlon training 
  • Journey to becoming a Dynamics professional 
  • Working with Microsoft as P-Seller 
  • Being part of TDG (Those Dynamics Guys) 
  • South African delicacies and braai  
  • Mixed reality and AI – opportunities, adoption and actual use cases 
  • AI intelligence levels and AI becoming mainstream 

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Kyle Hill

Kyle Hill creates digitally innovative solutions on the Microsoft Business Applications stack and associated Azure Cloud Platform. He helps create tomorrow today through emerging technology.
As an innovative technology pioneer with experience in corporate IT, digital transformation, and strategic technology-enabled growth globally, Kyle provides organisations with the confidence they need to solve problems, achieve their goals, and become agents of change in the digitally disrupted world we live in.

With diverse industry and sector experience, Kyle has unique insight into the complete solutions customers are looking for. This insight is coupled with the strong technical architecture and governance skills that help effectively manage and reduce risk while achieving strategic outcomes based on the selected platforms.

Kyle’s dedication and willingness to learn are enhanced with a desire to achieve, motivating and inspiring his colleagues and community members. His positive and inspirational attitude towards problems and people is always open and creative, helping to find optimal solutions to problems while ensuring that many new effective and strong relationships are forged along the way.