Kunal Tripathy on The MVP Show

Kunal Tripathy on The MVP Show

Kunal Tripathy
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Kunal Tripathy was born in India, grew up in East India and moved to Canada which he now calls his home  
  • Kunal’s Dynamics 365 and Platform Journey
  • How he works with other parts of KPMG around the world
  • How long he has been an MVP   
  • Kunal’s journey to becoming an MVP  
  • Changes that happened to him since becoming an MVP  
  • Becoming an MVP, did he get more connections with the other MVPs in the Community?
  • Kunal’s big plan for Y2020
  • What he thinks about the outcome of the event coming up to people  
  • Kunal’s recommendation to people who are wanting to become an MVP 
  • Kunal’s first speaking engagement 

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Kunal TripathyProfile Photo

Kunal Tripathy

Kunal Tripathy is a Technical Team Lead and Solution Architect Specializing in solutionizing and development in the Microsoft Dynamics product family. Passionate about Technology and like creating new and unique solutions. In addition to that, Kunal is an active participant within the Dynamics community through Blogs, forums and Virtual events. Also, he was one of the speakers at Extreme 365 2019, held in Amsterdam.

Kunal Tripathy Specialization:
• Specialize in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Customization
• Data Integration Specialist, experienced in leveraging modern integration frameworks to build
Enterprise Integration
• Well-versed with development, migration, maintenance methodologies, configuration
management, change management and release management