Kuldeep Gupta on The MVP Show

Kuldeep Gupta on The MVP Show

Kuldeep Gupta
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Kuldeep Gupta’s life – where he lives  
  • The good place to visit and famous food in India  
  • Talks about the history of Mumbai, India  
  • Kuldeep’s area of specialization in Microsoft Business Applications  
  • A conversation about Kuldeep’s Involvement with Project Service Automation (PSA) 
  • Learn more about Kuldeep’s eBook – Dynamics 365 PSA E-Book  
  • A discussion about the changes that happened in Project Service Automation  
  • The reason why PSA is getting obsolete  
  • Discusses what Project operation is and the history  
  • The difference between Microsoft Project and Project operations  
  • Journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP  
  • Kuldeep’s expectation after becoming an MVP 

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Kuldeep GuptaProfile Photo

Kuldeep Gupta

Kuldeep Gupta works as a Delivery Head in CloudFronts, a reputed Microsoft Gold partner based in India and is also a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional). As our Delivery Head, Kuldeep is responsible for delivering complex projects and working with global teams. His deep technical expertise along with working knowledge of various project methodologies, allows him to address project challenges creatively.

Successful on time and on budget project delivery is key to how Kuldeep and his team manage client projects. Kuldeep's experience with delivering global projects across various geographies has allowed him to play a pivotal role in setting up and following the Project Management protocols at CloudFronts. These protocols are the foundation of our successful project deliveries and are well appreciated by our global clients.

Kuldeep has also authored an e-book on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) to facilitate the community to learn the PSA platform through well-documented steps that are easy to follow. The e-book has been downloaded by hundreds of Project Management professionals around the globe. He also plays an important role across other management functions from Pre-Sales to Company strategy. Kuldeep holds a Masters in Computer Applications and lives in Mumbai with his wife and 2 daughters. Outside of work, he likes to network with like-minded people.