Kamil Sacek on The MVP Show

Kamil Sacek on The MVP Show

Kamil Sacek
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Kamil Sacek talks about Navertica and the history of the Czech Republic. 
  • A conversation about how Kamil learned the English language and Atari 800XE. 
  • How did the “Army Technical Picture Monthly journal" helped Kamil in learning basic programming? 
  • MVP for over 16 years now – how did Kamil maintain his interest in technology? 
  • Kamil’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • 16 years ago - how were the process and the steps Kamil has taken to become a Microsoft MVP. 
  • Talking about the present, how will Kamil share his knowledge with the community and what platform will he focus on.  
  • Kamil Sacek’s biggest achievement that he’s most proud most! 

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Kamil Sacek

Kamil Sacek has more than 35 years of experience with software development and IT in general. In the year 2001, after finishing university, he joined the Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) world in NAVERTICA company as a developer. Having a wide area of knowledge in programming languages and connected areas is helping him to understand “how it works” and is giving him the background for solving different tasks. Last year he is working more with GIT, PowerShell and Azure DevOps around the Business Central. Kamil has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since the year 2004. He is living in Brno, Czech Republic.