Justin Carter on The MVP Show

Justin Carter on The MVP Show

Justin Carter
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • An introduction about Justin Carter’s life – where he lives and his hobbies
  • Discussions about Dynamics Microsoft world Justin is on 
  • A conversation about the company Justin works for and his role and responsibilities 
  • From a knowledge perspective, where Justin sits in Dynamics?  
  • How Justin got involved in Microsoft MVP – how he got awarded  
  • Talks about Justin's Blog 
  • Dynamics horseshoe steps Justin uses for his projects 
  • A conversation about Justin’s key highlights on the MVP Journey 
  • Justin’s thoughts about the MVP summit events he has been to  
  • A discussion about the AX family or group 
  • Talks about the changes Justin noticed with the MVP Program 


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Justin CarterProfile Photo

Justin Carter

Justin Carter is the Director of Retail for Blue Horseshoe with over 11 years of industry experience. A Techno-Functional Consultant since 2007 and a Programmer since 1994. Functional retail and merchandising were his main focus, but highly technical as well. Justin has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP in Business Solutions 5 times since 2014.