Julie Yack on the MVP Show

Julie Yack on the MVP Show

Julie Yack
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Happenings in Phoenix
  • Living at Heights
  • Best Bits of being an MVP
  • Hospitality Colorado style
  • Other Hobbies
  • WINE – Women's international Networking event
  • MVP Motivations
  • Giving Back
  • Purpose of MVP's
  • Virtual user groups
  • Benefits of attending community events
  • Work shopping Alaskan adventures


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Julie Yack

Julie Yack is a Colorado-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP serving clients across the globe, providing training, implementation, analysis and insight for companies wanting to take their service to the next level. Julie’s blog, www.julieyack.com, addresses pertinent topics of the day, ranging from Dynamics CRM to technology in education to travel to voting rights.

Julie is an accomplished author and publisher with several books on different technologies under her belt. Julie is a community leader, nationally, locally and online, serving on education committees and curriculum boards in Colorado and as a founding member of SouthColorado.net and xRMVirtual online.

She knows how important it is to have her voice heard and has been honoured to speak to elected officials at the US Capitol and to the Executive Staff at the White House on topics of technology legislation and the importance of STEM education in our k-12 schools. Julie loves to spend her free time travelling with her husband and kids.