Jukka Niiranen on the MVP Show

Jukka Niiranen on the MVP Show

Jukka Niiranen
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A Brief introduction about Jukka’s life – lives in Finland, got married in July, the company where he is working, his role and his specialties.  
  • Being an MVP for 7 years 
  • Shares his views on the MVP Program 
  • Jukka’s advice to people considering to be nominated as MVP – what they should do     
  • Part of the MVP he feels he has struggled with                                                                               
  • Talks about what benefits Microsoft gets from providing free MSDX, office 365 credits, covering the cost for the MVP Summit for 3.5-4k people, hosting for the hotel cost, etc. 
  • What's the tangible benefits Microsoft gets from the community engaged in responding to support calls? 
  • Jukka’s main contribution comes from his BLOG – Surviving CRM                                               
  • Discusses his top referral sources driving traffic to his site  
  • His thoughts on the unified interface and the looming end of the legacy web client. Is the market ready for it? 
  • If he could solve ONE world problem what would it be? 

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Jukka NiiranenProfile Photo

Jukka Niiranen

Jukka Niiranen works as the Product Lead for Microsoft Business Applications at Elisa, a Finnish telecommunications, ICT and online service company. He started working with Dynamics CRM in 2005, initially on the customer's side as a project manager for a CRM 3.0 implementation.
After managing a development team for global CRM system roll-outs in EMEA & APAC regions and learning the ins & outs of the Dynamics CRM platform while solving real-life problem scenarios, Jukka joined a Microsoft partner organization to assume a senior CRM consulting role.

With over 15 years of experience on working with customer data management, loyalty programs, direct marketing, campaign management and other CRM processes, Jukka has developed skills for viewing the related information systems through the eyes of the end-user and is focused on delivering Dynamics 365 based Customer Engagement solutions with high usability to ensure user adoption.

Jukka is passionate about improving knowledge worker efficiency through tools and processes that increase the transparency and discoverability of information relevant to the task at hand.

He believes that the most important feature of Dynamics 365 is its user community, which allows anyone working with the product to quickly gain access to valuable information for solving day to day problems — in addition, being exposed to new ideas from customers and consultants working in various industries and roles on how to extract further benefits from the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications and the Power Platform.