Joel Lindstrom on The MVP Show

Joel Lindstrom on The MVP Show

Joel Lindstrom
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Joel Lindstrom talks about the first CRM Podcast  
  • Changes happening with CRM Audio  
  • Talks about his contributions to the MVP community  
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance – how he balances his work being an MVP and his family   
  • How reading books helped him  
  • Discusses the mentoring program  
  • Talks about his journey to becoming an MVP – Twelve years being a Business Applications MVP  
  • What Joel is looking for when it comes to becoming an MVP   
  • The reason why in 1999 or Early 2000, Microsoft cancelled the MVP Program   
  • Shares information about Aaron Elder as an MVP and inventor of CRM  
  • The trigger point when they are ready for nomination   
  • Discussion what characteristics he is looking for in future MVP’s  
  • Where he sees himself in the next five years  
  • How Hitachi gives support to MVP’s   

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Joel Lindstrom

Joel Lindstrom is a Consulting Principal for Hitachi Solutions. He has led many successful Dynamics 365 deployments. Twelve times Business Application MVP, CRMUG All-Star, and creator and editor of CRM Audio, the leading Dynamics CRM podcast. Editor and frequent contributor to the Hitachi Solutions Blog and co-creator of the CRM Tip of the Day blog. His Focus is on Power Platform, Business Applications, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Flow, and Dynamics CRM.

Also, Joel was inspired to write this book after implementing CRM mobile apps in multiple deployments to help others have realistic expectations of what works best on a mobile device. Each device type has its strengths and limitations. With proper expectations and best practices, it is possible to safely and successfully make mobile an integral part of your Dynamics CRM deployment.