Joel Leichty on The MVP Show

Joel Leichty on The MVP Show

Joel Leichty
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Life and family background of Joel Leichty  
  • How COVID19 changed Joel’s plans  
  • Joel talks about how it was when he found out that he was not renewed as MVP   
  • Discusses Joel’s amazing MVP experience   
  • The process of getting the MVP award  
  • Plans on getting back to Microsoft MVP Program  
  • Recently joined the Dynamic Consulting company as Power Practice Manager  
  • Talks about the new user group DynamicsCon  
  • A conversation about DynamicsCon group’s focus and plans  
  • Joel’s thoughts and goal about the DynamicsCon community  
  • The most memorable part of being a Microsoft MVP from the year 2013-2020 


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Joel Leichty

Joel Leichty is a 7-time Microsoft MVP and has worked in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform for the past 18 years. He is currently working as a Power Practice Manager at Dynamic Consulting, helping customers achieve their business goals through Power BI and Power Apps.