Jessica Militar on The MVP Show

Jessica Militar on The MVP Show

Jessica Militar
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • The life of Jessica Militar – origin and her hobbies. 
  • Jessica Militar talks about her journey to MVP - Currently in her 1st year as an MVP. 
  • What got her into Microsoft Business Applications, and how it started. 
  • A discussion about Jessica’s career background. 
  • Talks about the MVP program and events. 
  • How they conduct MVP events in the Philippines before COVID-19 and during the pandemic. 
  • The number of people working in Business Applications at present.  
  • A conversation about the growth of the MVP community in the Philippines 
  • Jessica’s area of specialization in Business Applications 
  • What Jessica sees as a limitation when it comes to Canvas Apps. 
  • Talks about the project she is working on now. 
  • Jessica’s recommendations to people who are wanting to become a Microsoft MVP. 
  • The hardest thing about the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Jessica Militar

Jessica Militar is a Microsoft Business Apps MVP based in the Philippines working with Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform. She is a certified Dynamics 365 professional holding several Microsoft certifications.

Jessica works mostly on Dynamics 365 projects under different modules, implementing and delivering solutions to clients in various sectors. She has been involved in projects during the analysis, build, support, and training phases. In addition to that, her work revolves around business analysis, configuring and customizing Dynamics 365 applications, building PowerApps and Flow, documentation, training and support.

In her free time, Jessica volunteers as a Community Leader on several Microsoft communities, including TDG and BizApps PH — organizing hackathons, producing how-tos and tutorials, raising awareness, and fostering a culture of a community.