Jeevarajan Kumar on The MVP Show

Jeevarajan Kumar on The MVP Show

Jeevarajan Kumar
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Jeevarajan Kumar’s origin, life and family 
  • Shares his thoughts about the effect of COVID19  
  • Jeevarajan’s day to day working life and what he does 
  • Talks about Jeevarajan’s role for the company he works for 
  • Shares story and Jeevarajan’s involvement with the MVP community in Singapore 
  • A conversation about what’s new with PowerApps Component Framework (PCF) 
  • Changes that happened to Jeevarajan’s career since becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Discussions on the best thing about being a Microsoft MVP  
  • Jeevarajan’s journey to becoming an MVP 
  • Activities MVP community group in Singapore is working on staying connected during this COVID19 crisis 

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Jeevarajan KumarProfile Photo

Jeevarajan Kumar

Jeevarajan Kumar, in short Jeeva, goes by the name crmindian on Twitter. Jeeva is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a community leader.
He has around 9 years of experience in IT, predominantly in Dynamics CE (CRM) and in Power Platform now.

Jeeva is from Chennai, India, currently working in Singapore. He is one of the founders and co-organizers of the BizApps & Power Platform Singapore User Group & ASEAN User Group and D365 Champs. In addition to that, he is also an active participant in 365 Saturday and TDG. He loves to cook, to do Yoga and he is a big Star Wars fan!