Jason Cosman on The MVP Show

Jason Cosman on The MVP Show

Jason Cosman
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Jason’s family background – living on the East Coast of Canada in Saint John, New Brunswick   
  • Talks about FAMILY as the Centre of his world  
  • A brief introduction about his career and his speciality as a developer  
  • Shared his journey as an MVP of four years  
  • Jason’s experience working directly with customers for twelve years in Dynamics   
  • His thoughts on what it is like working remotely
  • What his typical day looks like when working remotely 
  • The tools he uses to communicate with his teams  
  • How he handles interviews and things that you need to take into consideration when hiring employees to work remotely  
  • Shares his opinion when a candidate is not a good fit for a remote work  
  • What he can recommend to people considering working remotely or considering building a remote team   
  • Shares his thoughts on how he hires people  
  • What he does to be active in a forum   
  • His contributions across EFASL  
  • What he is doing as a Moderator  
  • Recommendations to people who want to get involved in forums 

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Jason CosmanProfile Photo

Jason Cosman

After graduating from NBCC Saint John, Jason Cosman started working at Caris, T4G Limited, JDI ITD, and TekSavvy Solutions Inc. Over the past 11 years in the industry, he has found his passion and loves to discuss the platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft MVP program. His experience ranges from developer, architect, and software developer manager. Has always had a drive for ensuring that the right solution is implemented for the business. Cosman started doing public speaking at college, and he gets out to NBCC Saint John at least once a year to talk to the students.

Jason Cosman is currently a Dynamics 365 Technical Lead with a passion for all things Dynamics 365. He has been working with the product for over 12 years now and still love working with it, and always ready to discuss the product or related integrations into it. A three times Business Solutions MVP for Dynamics 365. Also, he is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist having multiple Dynamics CRM exams and is passionate about teaching others. In addition, he enjoys blogging and answers questions on the forums.