James Crowter on The MVP Show

James Crowter on The MVP Show

James Crowter
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Meet James Crowter – where he was born, the main attraction and the great places to visit in his hometown  
  • Talks about James’ career background 
  • The area where James specialises in Microsoft Business Applications   
  • Talks about Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) 
  • A short introduction about being a Business Central MVP 
  • An Introduction to James as the founder of Technology Management 
  • The difference between Technology Management and Clever Dynamics  
  • A discussion about the key to long-term Profitability 
  • James shares his journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Discusses his engagement to the product team outside of MVP Summit  
  • A discussion about James contribution to the Microsoft community 
  • James thought on Microsoft’s strategy when it comes to moving GP to Business Central 
  • James experiences being a Microsoft MVP
  • The best thing about being a Microsoft MVP 

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James CrowterProfile Photo

James Crowter

James Crowter has been working as a consultant with Dynamics NAV since 1996 and Dynamics CRM since 2005. The Managing Director at Clever Dynamics from Wolverhampton, UK. He has founded Technology Management which employs over 100 people looking after 400 + clients; also works for Clever Dynamics as Managing Director. James was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for Dynamics 365 Business Central but has previously attained certifications for CRM and AX.