Ivan Ficko on The MVP Show

Ivan Ficko on The MVP Show

Ivan Ficko
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Ivan’s life – where he lives and what is so famous about his city 
  • What he does for entertainment when he is not working on Microsoft technologies 
  • Talks about his great passion 
  • An introduction to his streaming set-up  
  • Shares his thoughts about being an MVP for two months 
  • Who nominated him to become an MVP? 
  • Ivan’s role and his focus 
  • The company he is working for 
  • How he got involved and when did he start hearing about the community 
  • Shares what idea he has about his Blog post  
  • Discusses his involvement with PCF and the top three limitations he has come across the PCF 
  • Talks about his interest in virtual entities  
  • Benefits he got from becoming an MVP  
  • What he recommends to people who wanted to become part of the MVP Program 
  • Ivan’s future speaking engagement/Events: Scottish Summit

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Ivan Ficko

Ivan Ficko is a Dynamics 365 CE / CRM developer who has been exploring the platform's possibilities for the last four years. He started his career as a web developer, but he was interested in business applications, and business apps became his passion since then. In addition to this, he is interested in new and innovative technical solutions in business applications. Currently, he worked at two companies, and his main focus was backend development and a bit of fronted while he was working on an internal project in a team with other interns.