Gus Gonzalez on The MVP Show

Gus Gonzalez on The MVP Show

Gus Gonzalez
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Learn more about Gus Gonzales life and origin
  • A discussion about Gus' educational background and career background
  • How Gus started working with Business Applications and his journey 
  • Gus shares his thoughts about the big project he worked with 
  • What made Gus decide to start his own company  
  • Talks about Gus' journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP – MVP since 2012 
  • Discusses Gus' career journey – from Functional Consultant, Solutions Architect to CEO 
  • A conversation about the effect of the MVP Program on Gus' career 
  • How MVP program helps Gus to be able to speak with events and share his ideas 
  • Discussions about the benefits of being an MVP 
  • How Gus handles the online sessions 
  • Shares his thoughts about the effect of COVID19 on Microsoft events and conferences 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of having virtual conferences 

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Gus GonzalezProfile Photo

Gus Gonzalez

Gus Gonzalez is an 8-time Microsoft MVP and leads the vision, growth, and strategic direction at Elev8 Solutions. He has 16 years of consulting experience in the IT Industry, designing and implementing Microsoft Solutions ranging from enterprise to small environments.

A world-class trainer and readiness expert, Gus has a passion for creating solutions that organizations can count on, and users love working with. His highly successful immersive style of consulting and training has been forged over years and countless hours of working with customers getting the most of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In addition to his Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM expertise, Gus became a subject matter expert in Citrix Technologies in 2007, the year he became a Citrix Certified Integration Architect and Citrix Certified Instructor.