Guido Preite on MVP Show

Guido Preite on MVP Show

Guido Preite
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Being multilingual and learning languages, living in different countries to work, and family work 
  • Living in Italy, Italian food, favourite dish 
  • Recommended attractions for people visiting Southeast Italy 
  • Running his newsletter Dynamics Weekly 
  • Involvement in the Dynamics 365 community 
  • Speaking engagements in Milan and London 
  • Career background, working for a Nordic company eCraft and working remotely 
  • Staying productive and motivated when working remotely 
  • Overcoming motivation problems 
  • Interests outside of work 
  • Journey to becoming an MVP 
  • Why it’s essential to participate in forums  
  • The most challenging thing to do in Dynamics from a developer perspective 
  • Possible changes in the plugin arena and what Microsoft is changing in the Power Platform 
  • Future learning pursuits as regards the Power Platform

Books & Other Resources Mentioned 

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Guido Preite

Guido Preite is a Dynamics CRM/365 professional with 7+ years’ experience delivering solutions for SMB and Enterprise customers. He is a very active member of the Dynamics community for which he has earned numerous badges for verified answers in Dynamics.