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Zaid Zaim

Zaid Zaim is 21 years old, from Syria. he came to Germany in 2013 due to the war in his country. Today, as an Alumni of ReDI School Digital integration (NGO supporting refugees learning quality tech skills) and Microsoft MVP for Mixed Reality, Zaid brings Cultural Heritage of destroyed sites like the UNESCO city of Palmyra in Syria back to life with modern Mixed Reality technology - He leads and engages with diverse worldwide Tech communities and Evangelizes for Mixed Reality and HoloLens technology.

His vision is to raise historical awareness and motivation in the viewer by addressing different human senses with HoloLens and Oculus for future reconstruction. In the last few months, Zaid was able to gain an ecosystem of supporters like Microsoft, ReDI School, Tactile Studio, Hololux and worldwide volunteers are supporting me on this journey. He Works at Hololux as a Metaverse lead supporting customers and clients on their Metaverse Journey."


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