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Nathan Vanblaere

Nathan Vanblaere is the founder of Thrives, a Dynamics 365 ISV and Consulting Company. Active in the Dynamics 365 field since 2010, combining various roles from technical consulting to functional consulting and sales. In his current role, he talks with a lot of business owners and what never fails to intrigue him is their strategic vision of how their businesses should work. He gains a lot of insights into how business processes should look according to these business owners, and how they can leverage the Power Platform to optimize their way of working. Their consulting customers are their greatest source of inspiration for their ISV branch.

At the office, he is known as the guy that puts a lot of focus on User Experience and the last 2%, as he strongly believes they make all the difference between a solution being accepted and adopted by the customer for their day-to-day use. Nathan lives in Leuven, Belgium happily married to his wife for two years. They have a dog, an oversized bulldog. In his spare time, he is passionate about sports, fitness and football – it’s football, not soccer! – in particular. He likes dining out and fine whiskey.