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Michelle Wong

Michelle Wong is a Microsoft 365 Consultant and an MVP of Business Applications. She has broad IT experience and has obtained several certificates in the IT sector. Since 2013, Michelle has focused on SharePoint Online and has subsequently deepened and broadened her knowledge of Microsoft 365. Now she can exactly advise for which purpose, which application(s) you can use within the Microsoft 365 suite to fulfil the wishes of the users.

Throughout the years, Michelle has already participated in many Microsoft 365 migration projects and has given many user adoption training on SharePoint Online, Planner, Forms, and Microsoft Teams. She is amazing at converting problems into solutions paired with technology. Governance and user adoption are also essential elements that should not be forgotten. Meeting demands and needs, setting up and carrying out appointments, giving training and workshops, advising, and guiding. All these features are already a part of her mentality.


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Michelle Wong Microsoft Business Applications MVP