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Cecilia Flombaum

Cecilia Flombaum, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is currently residing at Seattle, Washington, is the Partner Ecosystem Lead for Microsoft Business Applications (#Partnersmakemorepossible). She has been instrumental in helping to develop and energize the Business Applications ecosystem, co-selling success, and in helping to develop the capabilities of field leadership to better capture the opportunities in the transition to a world of cloud-first and mobile-first world.

Cecilia has been in Microsoft for 18 years and in the Business Applications space for about 12 years in different capacities. She assumed the lead role in the Business Application Strategy team as part of Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner with worldwide responsibility in August 2017. Her responsibilities in this role are capacity planning, capability and growth strategies as well as worldwide field execution; all aimed at the development and health of Microsoft’s Business Applications partner ecosystem and co-selling success.