Carissa Allen

Carissa Allen sees potential everywhere she looks and with everyone she meets. She is a sales and marketing leader who orchestrates and executes strategic sales and marketing motions while not losing sight of critical day-to-day activities that ensure success. Her expertise in sales strategy, field sales and marketing enablement, channel engagement and cross-team alignment has been key throughout her career, both in field roles and as a worldwide strategy lead.

Carissa enables field sellers, corporate teams, and Microsoft partners to increase product adoption, eclipse competition, and achieve multi-million dollar annual revenue by eliminating internal silos by understanding sellers and marketers' priorities and communication styles. Her ability to create strong relationships between multiple business groups and key stakeholders has increased sales and marketing effectiveness, resulted in deal velocity and increased customer and partner satisfaction. She has been honoured with multiple awards and recognized as a compelling presenter able to demonstrate the “art of the possible” with internal teams, customers and partners.

Collaborating with others and helping groups of talented individuals to realize their potential is Carissa’s professional passion. Throughout her career, she has focused on her ability to lead with authenticity while driving results with her peers, customers, and partners. She enjoys sharing experiences and mentoring peers at Microsoft as well as throughout her external network. She welcomes contact via LinkedIn.