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Aaron Elder

Aaron Elder is a serial entrepreneur with 4 successful products, 3 companies and 2 exits under my belt. He is a designer, turned coder, turned CTO, turned CEO. Passionate about creating products people love and make the world better. The co-founder and CEO of Crelate. The company exists to help businesses continuously align people with opportunity. By providing fast, flexible recruiting software, also helps over 950 talent-focused businesses engage and hire great people.

His career started at a young age – at 19, he was consulting for the Fortune 100 via FTI Consulting. Combining my creative and technical skills, he helped clients express and defend their points of view. He taught himself to code and was recruited to form the Web Development practice of The Alpha Group. Next, he co-founded his 1st product company – iCommunicate. Here they pushed the limits of the web and developed a cutting-edge hosted customer service offering. They sold to Microsoft in 2001, and he became the Lead Application Architect of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In 2004, he co-founded Invoke Systems— determined to be the #1 Dynamics CRM partner in the world. The company grew rapidly, merged with Ascentium in 2007 and finally sold to Avanade in 2010. Along the way, they pioneered Dynamics CRM as a development platform, coining the term XRM and building the Tasker Management Tool, a CRM-based product now deployed Air Force-wide. He left Avanade to start Crelate and now enjoy creating products that help more people connect with more opportunity more often.