Geetha Sivasailam on The MVP Show

Geetha Sivasailam on The MVP Show

Geetha Sivasailam
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Geetha Sivasailam’s origin, life, and family background   
  • What Geetha missed a lot about India   
  • Discusses Geetha’s career journey and her area of specialization   
  • The role of PowerApps and Power Automate to Geetha as a Consultant.   
  • Engaging with customers - what Geetha sees that meets well to PowerApps and Power Automate story   
  • What made Geetha decide to focus on Microsoft technologies   
  • Geetha shares her thoughts about the future of PowerApps and Power Automate   
  • A discussion about Geetha’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP   
  • Talks about the setup and format Geetha used to keep running a user group   
  • The benefits of getting involved with the community and user group   
  • Tips and recommendations Geetha can give people on how to get involved in the community 

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Geetha Sivasailam

Geetha Sivasailam is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, a Power Addict and a Consultant at Artis Consulting. She has over 10 years of consulting experience delivering cutting-edge business solutions leveraging Microsoft Business Applications, Custom App dev implementations and various Emerging technologies (Cloud/IoT/Analytics). In addition to that, Geetha is passionate about leveraging industry experience and technical expertise to solve dynamic problems for customers to address their unique business needs.