Foyin Olajide-Bello on The MVP Show

Foyin Olajide-Bello on The MVP Show

Foyin Olajide-Bello
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Foyin Olajide-Bello's life - country of origin, moving to another country and family 
  • Talks about TechStylers - as the founder and what they do 
  • Find out more about Foyin’s journey into technology 
  • Foyin’s discovery of PowerApps and Power Automate. 
  • A discussion about Foyin’s SharePoint background 
  • How did Foyin become a Microsoft MVP – the first female Business Microsoft MVP in Nigeria 
  • What’s the difference since becoming an MVP? 
  • What’s the impact of becoming a Microsoft MVP? 

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Foyin Olajide-Bello

Foyin Olajide-Bello has a deep "love" for Microsoft's Power Platform, and she has a wide experience structuring and implementing impactful organizational projects with these tools. She is passionate about this because it empowers people to do MORE with less.

She strongly believes in knowledge sharing hence leads an active Power Platform user group in Nigeria. She is also an advocate of women empowerment through Information Technology and has recently founded TechStylers – a community to upskill women. She speaks frequently at technology events and is an active member of similar international groups.