Evolving Business Models for the Microsoft Partner with Anton Sjöstedt and Johan Adenmark

Evolving Business Models for the Microsoft Partner with Anton Sjöstedt and Johan Adenmark

Anton Sjöstedt and Johan Adenmark


  • A brief introduction about Johan and Anton’s life – where they live and what they do when not working  
  • How they met and how they start working with the NAB company  
  • Shares their thoughts about hiring a new generation of salespeople   
  • How the traditional way of selling is presented 
  • Advantage of hiring the new generation – & young salespeople   
  • Interesting techniques that Partners are still using at present  
  • What is unique about their business model   
  • How they put their price upfront considering their customer’s different project requirements  
  • Talks about the services and monthly subscription they offered to Kathrine Hogseth of CRM-Konsulterna   
  • How they see their business evolving and changes they see in the next twelve months   
  • Talks about the type of model they are using for their Business Central AppSource   
  • The kind of support they offer their customer doing the trial in their environment  
  • Strategies in dealing with the 24-7 business model and clients in different time zones  
  • How they mark their business now, and their marketing method or methodology in Sweden   
  • Talks about the re-seller model and how they come up with this idea  
  • How they attract top talents to their business   
  • Importance of creating a culture and loyalty to keep them in business  
  • How they determine Career Advancement  
  • The company’s engagement level in the Dynamics Business Central Community and their opinion  
  • The type of relationship they have with Microsoft and how they maintain a good relationship with Microsoft

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Anton SjöstedtProfile Photo

Anton Sjöstedt

Anton Sjöstedt lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a bachelor's degree holder in Business/Managerial Economics at Stockholm University. At present, he is working as the Chief Product Officer at NAB Solutions. His main responsibilities are product development and maintenance.

Johan AdenmarkProfile Photo

Johan Adenmark

Johan Adenmark lives in Vaxjo, Sweden is the Sales Lead and CEO at NAB Solutions AB. He took up BS in Information Systems & Marketing at the Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.