Eickhel Mendoza on The MVP Show

Eickhel Mendoza on The MVP Show

Eickhel Mendoza
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A discussion about the Personal, family and career background of Eickhel   
  • How Eichel started with PowerApps  
  • Eickhel’s involvement with the Island Council of Tenerife projects using the Power Platform  
  • Talks about Eickhel’s pro-developer background  
  • Things that help him improve his skills in the Power Platform  
  • A discussion about Lemon Code  
  • Talks about Eickhel’s journey to becoming an MVP – Started in November  
  • Benefits and the beauty of becoming an MVP  
  • The things Eickhel discovered after becoming a Microsoft MVP  
  • The changes that happened to Eickhel after joining the MVP program  
  • Advice he can give to people who are wanting to become a Microsoft MVP – Is the MVP Program right for them? 

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Eickhel MendozaProfile Photo

Eickhel Mendoza

Eickhel Mendoza is the Team Lead of Business Applications at Intelequia. He is in charge of all projects related to Office 365, Power Platform and Web Development. His experience comes from a variety of roles, like DNN platform development and operations, Project Management and the latest in the Microsoft Power Platform Technologies.

During the last years, he has contributed to important community events like the Power Platform World Tour, Global Azure Bootcamp and Dynamics 365 Saturday. Eickhel also coordinates the TenerifeDev UG with a group of like-minded developers eager to share their knowledge in different technologies. He is also a Microsoft Business Applications MVP.