Ee Lane Yu on the MVP Show

Ee Lane Yu on the MVP Show

Ee Lane Yu
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Meet Ee Lane Yu talks about her origin and life
  • Best food to eat in Malaysia and the best place to visit
  • How Ee Lane landed in Singapore and moved to Melbourne, Australia
  • A conversation about her career background – from Malaysia, Singapore to Australia
  • Ee Lane shares her journey to working with Dynamics CRM and Power platform
  • Discusses Ee Lane’s involvement with the TDG community
  • Microsoft MVP journey of Ee Lane
  • Shares Ee Lane’s experience about being a Microsoft MVP
  • Talks about Ee Lane’s thoughts about the MVP Program

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Ee Lane Yu

Ee Lane Yu is a Dynamics Functional Consultant based in Melbourne. She originated from Malaysia and moved to Singapore 10 years ago, where Ee Lane started her career in the Dynamics world. In 2017, she was offered a job in Melbourne and had been living there ever since. In addition to that, Ee Lane is a Power Apps evangelist and enjoys getting involved in community events to share her knowledge and help others along the way. Ee Lane enjoys hiking, travelling, trying new food, and playing with her pet bunnies.