Ed Gonzales on The MVP Show

Ed Gonzales on The MVP Show

Ed Gonzales
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Personal background of Ed Gonzales – where he lives, family and his involvement in Military 
  • A discussion about Ed’s road to becoming a Microsoft MVP – Since December 1st, 2019 
  • Ed’s experience and how it feels to be part of Microsoft MVP 
  • The story behind the saying – “Those who change themselves change the world.” 
  • People involved in his nomination to become a Microsoft MVP – how they met 
  • Talks about Ed’s Dynamics 365 – CRM background  
  • Discussion about Ed’s involvement with the Dynamics 365 user group community 
  • Talks about Ed’s expectations for MVP 
  • Ed shares stories about his journey to Power Automate  
  • A conversation about Ed, as a Microsoft Certified Trainer 
  • A brief introduction about Ed’s blog – The Flying Polymath  
  • Ed’s Polymath journey 
  • Discusses the reason why Ed join the Army 
  • Accomplishment Ed is most proud of 

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Ed GonzalesProfile Photo

Ed Gonzales

Ed Gonzales is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Certified Trainer. He has been working in technology for twenty-five years, covering many roles and developing new ones along the way. His journey to bring relationship management (xRM) solutions to his employers have led to several awards and continued growth. Ever the polymath, his current endeavours include aviation science, aquaponics, and fostering orphaned kittens.